Linda Öhling

Achieving customer centricity

We know that increasing customer centricity leads to better employee engagement, lower costs, and positive growth impact. Amazing, right?

We live in a time where customer experience (CX) is crucial. Therefore, organizations must shift their focus from internal processes to prioritizing customers’ needs. You need to think about your customers first and adapt your processes and ways of working to meet their expectations.

Achieving customer centricity offers many benefits, but the transition often involves a comprehensive transformation within the organization, and most people don’t know where to start or how to work with CX.

Do you know? How far have you come in your transformation?

You can read all about this on this podcast guest’s website. Customer centricity and CX are widely discussed today, but how do you actually achieve it? How do you drive change?

Linda Öhling, founder of House of CX, shares in this episode:

– How to increase customer centricity in your organization and start the transition today.
– Leadership in a customer-centric vs. non-customer-centric organization.
– The nine capabilities of the Experience Flower for customer centricity.
– And much more.

Listen to the episode and kickstart your customer centricity journey!

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