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Connectel service for contact centers

Because happy customers is great for business

At Connectel, we believe that happy customers is central to any business. And we know that creating and maintaining happy customers take effort, skill and patience. It takes constant, never-ending dedication from your customer service team.

So how do we fit in? We help you help your customers by providing a complete customer service solution. Connect any and all of your channels. Keep track of your data through dashboards, analytics and reporting tools. Use advanced technology to design a customer journey that enhances the customer experience. Utilize AI to scale your operations and handle sudden peaks, while ensuring your customers always get help quickly and efficiently.

We provide the tools and technology that helps you succeed in making your customers happier.

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Better customer service since 2008

For more than ten years we’ve been offering our customers a smarter and better customer service system. In the beginning, 3 employees helped a few customers — today our team works with world leading companies all over the world.

Easier for everyone

Simplicity has been at the center of our business since day one. Even though we offer technologically advanced products we want them to be easy for your customers to use and interact with, and for your employees to work with.

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Customized for you

We created a service that meets the customers’ needs and strengthens the relationship in the most cost effective way possible. In our line of work it’s called CCaaS (customer center as a service) — but in plain English it’s all about offering a service that suits you.

Secure, effective and smart

We value long term relationships with our customers and always strive to have our customers wanting to keep working with us. The best way to achieve that is to continue improving our services, making them even smarter, more secure and effective.

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We’re always curious to get to know new companies and to tell about how we can help create better customer service for you. Here you can book a demo or get in contact with us.

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Robin and Jens

Connectel was born in 2008, founded by Jens and Robin Leijon, two brothers from Uppsala. It might sound like a cliche, but the journey actually did start in a garage — with the vision of lifting the entire customer service profession to new heights by providing solutions that meet all needs. A customer service platform that benefits both the customer and the company.

“We know all too much about the grief of a bad customer service experience, that’s why we created Connectel”

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Our customers

Zmarta Group using Connectels call center
Adam Woodworth Product owner

“When we decided to search for a new Contact Center software supplier, we looked for an agile and technically skilled partner that could meet the demands of the various stakeholders at Zmarta. Connectel has surpassed our expectations in nearly every capacity, providing high quality and delivering exceptional value. Connectel really stands apart with a flexible and continuously improving solution supported by a talented and customer-focused organization.“

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