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Meet your customers where they are with our social media management platform

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Connect with your customers on their home turf

With our smart tool to manage customer communication on social media you become available in the channels your customer already integrates with. Create meaningful dialogue in the channels your customers already use to integrate with your brand, whether it’s via a computer or phone.

  • Connect to all the social media platforms
  • Intelligent routing to queues and agents
  • Distribute a bot on your platform
  • Smooth integration to your current CRM
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An easy way to communicate directly with customers on social media

With Connectel it becomes easy to be where your customers are — stay flexible and follow your customers when they shift between different platforms. With our tools you gain insight about your ticket management through reports and advanced analytics.

  • Gather all communication within the same interface
  • More efficient ticket management
  • Statistics and complete contact customer history
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Omnichannel support — let the customers come to you

By connecting your different channels you can use smart routing so that nothing has to be done manually and your agents won’t have to switch between different platforms. When all communication is done in one place it’s simply just to let your customers come to you. These are examples of platforms you can connect:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • Telegram

How much can you save with the full Connectel solution?

Fill out how many full-time agents you have, your average amount of errands per month and the average handling time in minutes to see how much you can save by implementing the Connectel platform. In the next step, you can also choose to download a full PDF detailing how much you can save, and how we’ve calculated this.

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