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Offer quick answers to quick questions with an efficient chat service

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Be available for your customers 24/7 with a smarter chat service

Add an easy to set-up and use website chat software and become able to answer your customers questions quickly.

  • Make sure messages come the right person with our routing tool
  • Responsive design — works on all units
  • Customizable
  • Smooth integration to your current CRM
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Set up multiple chats simultaneously with our live chat service

Our product lets you handle multiple chats simultaneously. Activate a chatbot for the easier questions and create more time for your agents to focus on the more complex matters. Should something prove too complicated for the chatbot you can switch over to the agents in an instant, making it a seamless customer experience.

  • Relieve your employees with a virtual agent
  • Automatic management of offline messages
  • Faster ticker management
  • Manage several chats at the same time
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The chat service that gives you access to statistics about your customers

With easy access to statistics your agents won’t have to look for information about your customer in more than one place. The data also serves as a tool to offer the best possible customer service by automatically referring tickets to the agent most suited for the job.

  • Offer customers a way of contact even when you’re offline
  • Escalate chat to voice or video
  • Quick answers to your customers questions

How much can you save with the full Connectel solution?

Fill out how many full-time agents you have, your average amount of errands per month and the average handling time in minutes to see how much you can save by implementing the Connectel platform. In the next step, you can also choose to download a full PDF detailing how much you can save, and how we’ve calculated this.

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