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Get closer to your customers via video call

Solve problems as if you were there using video support

All tickets don’t require video — but with our tool it becomes easy to switch over from a regular call to video once it is required. When your agents can see what your customer does it becomes easy to solve those a bit more complex tickets, smoothly. Video calls for customer service are the new definition of personal service.

  • Switch over to video support with the click of a button
  • Simplifying complex scenarios
  • Smooth integration to your current CRM
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Save time by switching over to video support when you need to

By being able to switch over to video your interactions become more personable and the tickets become easier to solve. When your customer can switch over to video instantly and actually show your agent what they mean, it becomes easy to solve complicated problems. Use screen sharing and screen mirroring to come closer to your customer and offer the best possible support.

  • Seamless transition to video from the customer’s phone
  • The face-to-face reassurance with video
  • No further installations required
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Better results with less effort

The ability to solve complex issues smoothly using video support saves time and effort both for customers and agents. Put the resources you free up on solving more tickets than before and to create even better customer experiences.

  • Let the customer explain questions visually
  • A more personable customer experience
  • Inclusive service with support of sign language

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