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Interact with customers on their preferred platform

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Better customer service with a smarter SMS service

Be available on the platform your customers are using daily, and to gain a high opening frequency, an SMS service works ideally. Send and receive text messages and use smart routing for a smooth transition from queues to agents. Assure delivery and create a cornerstone of the perfect customer service system.

  • Communicate on the platform with the highest opening rate
  • Send and receive texts
  • Intelligent routing to queues and agents
  • Trigger for automatic drift
  • Standardised replies for quality assurance
  • SMS-API — connect any system
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Smooth, quick and happy customers

Our SMS service allows your customers to come in contact with you quickly and smoothly. That’s one of the reasons why customers who interact with companies via SMS have one of the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

  • Choose whether your customer can reply or not on your SMS
  • Bulk and SMS templates
  • Communicate on the platform with the highest reading rate
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Save time both for your agents and your customers

Offer your customers the possibility to solve simple issues via SMS and reduce the number of incoming calls. By using or SMS service many questions are solved without taking time from your agents — allowing them to focus on more demanding tasks.

  • Call and text to the same number
  • Offer smooth and personable contact to your customers

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