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Become available 24/7 with a smarter chatbot service

Man med glasögon kollar leende in i en datorskärm

Save time and resources by relieving your agents

When your agents won’t have to handle the more simple questions that the chatbot can manage, you can put more time and resources on the rest of your customer service. The chatbot becomes smarter the more it is used and becomes a price effective colleague that is available 24/7.

  • Build your own chatbot
  • Transfers complex tickets to employees
  • Easy to train and manages up to 90% of tickets
  • Smooth integration to your current CRM

Reliable, effective and precise

Our chatbot answers instantly, is available 24/7 and is up to 90% more cost effective than customer service performed by agents.

  • Supports buttons and pictures
  • Customize language and tone of voice
  • Efficient ticket management
  • Connect with FAQ/knowledge base

Reduce the workload without compromising the customer experience

Our chatbot is smart enough to manage the more simple questions your customer might have. When something becomes too complex you can automatically transfer it to an agent — an easy way of saving resources without compromising the customer experience. You can customize the chatbot to suit your company’s tone of voice and language.

  • Quick guidance
  • Always available
  • No dead ends

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