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Become available 24/7 with a smarter chatbot service

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Save time and resources with a chatbot

Allowing a chatbot to handle simpler questions saves time and resources, which means that your customer service agents can focus on more complex errands or the customers that truly need to speak to an agent. With a chatbot you can automate repetitive errands or ensure that the customer is transferred to the correct department from the start. It also allows you to offer service 24/7 which increases your overall service levels towards your customers.

  • Build your own chatbot
  • Transfers complex tickets to employees
  • Easy to train and manages up to 90% of tickets
  • Seamless integration to your current CRM
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Reliable, effective and precise

Our chatbot answers instantly, is available 24/7 and is up to 90% more cost effective than customer service performed by agents. With a chatbot, you have faster handling times which not only saves money but also increases customer satisfaction. You can also customize the chatbot to suit your company’s tone of voice and language.

  • Supports buttons and pictures
  • Customize language and tone of voice
  • Efficient ticket management
  • Connect with FAQ/knowledge base
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Reduce the workload without compromising the customer experience

Our chatbot is smart enough to manage simpler questions your customer might have. When something becomes too complex, you can automatically transfer the case to an agent — an easy way of saving resources without compromising the customer experience. The information gathered by the chatbot will also be transferred so that your customers don’t have to repeat themselves.

  • Quick guidance
  • Always available
  • No dead ends

How much can you save with the Connectel bot?

Fill out how many full-time agents you have, your average amount of errands per month and the average handling time in minutes to see how much you can save by implementing the Connectel bot. In the next step, you can also choose to download a full PDF detailing how much you can save, and how we’ve calculated this.

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