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A better email management system for a better customer experience

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Effective email management brings you closer to the customer

It’s now easier than ever to categorise and follow up on your email communication. Get a clear overview of your system and make customer interactions better and faster.

  • Structure and categorise email
  • Connect any email accounts
  • Use quick answers and automatic answers to streamline your work
  • Smooth integration to your current CRM
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Make email ticket management easier and encourage self service

Customize the service in a way that suits your needs and save time and money by automizing flows. Increase the level of automatization with smart routing of email tickets and automatic replies. Handle several inboxes at once and organize your flows easier and more efficiently than before.

  • Standardised replies
  • Manage several inboxes from the same account
  • Intelligent routing to queues and agents
  • Automatic prioritization and categorisation
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Get a better overview — create better customer experiences

Make your email management more efficient with our intuitive email ticket system that gives your agents a clear overview of tickets. The system also gives your agents the basis to customize experiences based on your customers’ different needs.

  • Shorter response time
  • Simple attachment of appendices
  • Confirmation of received tickets

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