Data and analysis


A ticket dashboard that gives you a real time overview

Kvinna med smycken och kofta skriver på datorn

Track your performance and get decision basis

Follow your performance with a tailormade dashboard for contact centers that visualizes useful data in real time, in a way that is easy to grasp. Use the data you collect as a reliable basis for future decision making.

  • Market leading dashboard for real time data visualization
  • TV-mode
  • Measure productivity goals
  • Measure service levels
  • Smooth integration to your current CRM

A flexible ticket tool dashboard throughout

Gain full control, all the time. How many calls are in progress right now? How many are queued up? Get an overview on a detailed level and adjust what you measure based on your KPI:s. Set up multiple dashboards for different tasks, for example one visualizing your most important KPI:s and one that motivates your agents. Share widgets and dashboards with your team to make the way you work more efficient.

  • Adjust measured value based on your KPI:s
  • Create your own widgets
  • Share widgets and dashboards

Adjust the dashboard settings to suit your needs

Our tool is easy to set up based on your company’s needs by customizing the look and feel of your dashboard, and by creating your own widgets. Gain important insights by collecting data in real time with a tool that is flexible throughout and strengthens your customer service.

  • Shorter response time
  • Data from all platforms and channels
  • Supports terms and red flags

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