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Every customer is unique, and has their own needs and preferences when it comes to communication. A quick chat can answer a quick question and a phone call with a human being is just the right solution when there’s a more complex problem at hand. Meet your customers wherever they are with an omnichannel solution from Connectel. Connect, whenever, however and let your agents communicate with your customers in a way that heightens the service experience. Gather any and all channels, without complicating it for you – one platform for all customer conversations.

Supporting customers

Strengthen your agents

Customer service made easy. We deliver a system matched to your needs, suited for your agents to get more out of every conversation. Implement a FAQ or chatbot if you want to reduce the number of tickets. Set up a smart IVR for your incoming calls and provide faster answers to the customer’s request.

  • Give agents a smart contact center platform
  • Easy to use
  • Streamline your workflows
Speaking from a contact center

Better experiences with an omnichannel for customer service

Manage all channels throughout your service with a clear overview. Delegate agents to manage multiple channels simultaneously or limit their usage. Get better control of KPIs, daily patterns and real-time data with products that will help you take control of your data. Use a threshold function to keep track of the most prioritized benchmarks and KPIs. For example, waiting times and workload, let the system keep track of your data and evolve your CX level.

  • Gather everything in one place
  • Clearer real-time data and follow-up
  • Exceed your goals

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