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Welcome to the demo page of our Contact Center as a Service platform. We make it easy for customer services to create and maintain world-class customer relationships. With just a few clicks, we help you perform any contact center task.

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Watch a quick demo

Start your tour of the platform by watching our introduction to the Connectel platform. Sign up here to see the our multi-channel cloud-based contact center platform in action. Unlock all demo videos at once and see an overview of the platform with functions such as:

  • Agent portal
  • Dialer with both predictive and power dialing
  • Drag and drop IVR builder
  • Self service such as chat bot and voice bot
  • Customer surveys
  • Real-time and historical data and analysis

Agent experience

Keeping track of inquiries across multiple channels is difficult. We streamline every customer conversation across any channel into a seamless customer journey. You can route incoming inquiries to the right person and let your agents operate across channels – all in the same interface. Your agents keep track of all your previous interactions and can provide excellent service. Our cloud-based platform allows your to perform any contact center task – with just a few clicks.

Exceed customer service expectations, anytime. Every time.

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Customers expect quick replies to simple questions. Self-service tools such as chat bots and voice bots help decrease waiting times, and can route errands to the correct agent from the start. Customers interactions can be automated and verified to ensure you are providing information to an authorized person and helps reduce the workload of first-line support.

Watch the self-service demo to see how a chat bot and voice bot can help increase the efficiency of your operations.

Data and Analysis

Data is crucial when tracking your performance and exploring potential improvements. By combining historical analysis, real-time data and customer surveys the Connectel solution helps both identify and suggest future improvements.

Automate customer surveys, capture feedback in real-time and use the insights to coach your agents and improve CSAT scores. Understand how SLA benchmarks are met, see current waiting times and average errand time to ensure everything is running smoothly. Set up a dashboard and combine your favourite overviews with the nitty gritty details that are unique and relevant for your customer service department.

Our dashboard and analysis tools are developed to maximize your teams performance.

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  • We deliver a scalable, flexible and secure solution
  • User-friendly interface for your customers and employees
  • Gather all your customer communications in one place
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