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Schedule with ease and hit SLAs with accuracy

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Simplify planning and scheduling with Workforce Management

Maximizing the contact center’s performance is a lot easier with better forecasting, scheduling and planning tool. Estimate and calculate the demand of your schedule, without spreadsheets and Excel. Generate schedules to increase the level of service for customers with a single click, give your agents the best experience and minimize the operational cost of your business.

  • Manage multi-channel and multi-skilled agents with ease
  • Customizable overview with charts, statistics and campaign follow-up
  • Allow agents to schedule themselves through the web portal
  • Easy-to-use and scalable regardless of your business shape and size
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Obtain accurate forecasts and put guessing to an end

Contact center schedules and forecasts can be a time-consuming and challenging task, especially when spreadsheets involve multi-skilled agents and multiple channels. Generate accurate forecasts based on historical data to guarantee contact center efficiency. And the whole process only takes a few minutes. Let the WFM calibrate and estimate your forecast on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Exact forecasts
  • Optimized scheduling
  • Updated in real-time
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Continuously optimized scheduling

Our WFM as a scheduling tool does not only help you with optimized schedules, you’re also able to make changes in real-time. With a clear visual overview, easily adjust the timetable when something unpredictable happens. The WFM tool also allows you to customize your reporting options for continuous monitoring and optimization.

  • Real-time updates
  • Filter offline and online activities
  • Clear follow-up and control
Workforce Management

Real-time follow-up and integrations

Support your decision-making by gaining more insights into the agents’ performance. Team leaders can easily see how the team is performing to identify positive and negative agent behaviors. Enabling you to take action in real-time and ensure service levels are kept intact. All integrated with our cloud-based contact center and your other systems.

  • Individual agent follow-up
  • Let agents apply for and grant vacations directly in the WFM
  • Integrate with CRM, CCaaS and other systems

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