Incorporate your customer service tools as a part of your eco system

Incorporating contact center solutions as integrated part of total organisation eco systems is proven to be a key factor to improve efficiency, business value generation and measurability, as well as agent and customer experience. The Connectel platform is based on an open architecture with standard APIs that enables and simplifies integration with basically any type of software platform.

Integration accelerators

On top of the generic integration capabilities of the Connectel open platform architecture and standard integration APIs, we also offer several integration accelerators designed to simplify the process of integrating with several leading CRM, ticketing/case management and ERP platforms.

Integrating the Connectel contact center platform with CRM, Ticket/Case management and/or ERP platforms is a key element to provide your agents with a 360-degree customer view that in its turn enables relevant and unified customer experience as well as live management of customer unique requests.


Integrate your customer service

We help you get the most out of your integrations

We’re happy to help you and your organisation orchestrate integrations to optimise value and experience while achieving long term technical sustainability, maintainability and flexibility, so that you and your organisation can focus on core business incorporation.


Let the systems interact with each other as a foundation for improved and unified customer experience.

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