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Streamline your operations with a taxibot

The taxi industry is changing to keep up with customer expectations and with technology emerging to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. Customers expect fast answering times, convenience, and personalized experiences. This means that taxi companies must have contact center technology that allows them to meet these expectations and provide excellent service. Our taxibot handles up to 80% of bookings, offers 24/7 service, and provides overbooking protection. With user-friendly features, real-time reporting, and seamless communication via SMS, Connectel sets a new standard in taxi service efficiency.

  • 24/7 service
  • Real-time reporting
  • Overbooking protection
  • Phone connection between driver and customer

How much can you save with a taxibot?

Fill out how many full-time operators you have, your average amount of errands per month and the average handling time in minutes to see how much you can save by implementing the Connectel taxibot. In the next step, you can also choose to download a full PDF detailing how much you can save, and how we’ve calculated this.

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