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Conversational AI

Speech Analytics

Use data from conversations to gain critical insights for your contact center

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Real-time analysis of 100% of your calls and conversations

Going through data is one of the most time-consuming parts of coaching. It is however necessary to listen to calls in order to figure out how you can help your team improve. Speech analytics is a tool that helps you analyze 100% of your contact centers calls and can be used to gain critical insights into all your customer conversations. Our Speech Analytics service lets you understand customer interactions faster and more easily by visualizing data in widgets moments after a call is wrapped up.

  • Real-time analysis
  • See customer sentiment
  • Gain insights for quality control and coaching employees
  • Quickly identify emerging trends and issues
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Keywords and topics tracking

Stay ahead of customer needs with automatic detection and presentation of key topics and keywords from each call. Through topic detection, relevant words are clustered into identifiable topics and with keyword detection, relevant words are flagged in transcripts. By visualizing the data in a clear way you see an overview of the current questions and problems that customers are calling in about, helping you determine trends and patterns.

  • Identify call drivers
  • Understand customer sentiment
  • Quickly identify emerging trends and issues

Trend analysis and strategic planning

Through advanced filtering and data exportability, you gain an in-depth analysis of customer interactions over time. This means you can filter out calls for specific periods or by agent performance, download data, and use it to identify trends, forecast customer needs, as well as tailor future outbound campaigns for maximum impact.

  • Advanced filtering: isolate calls by specific time frames, queues, or agents to focus your review where it counts.
  • Graph Chart Support: turning keywords and topics into understandable visualizations, helping you identify trends at a glance.
  • Data export: Share your findings with key stakeholders with the click of a button.
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Quality assurance and compliance monitoring

Review conversations to make sure that you customer service agents comply with regulatory requirements and company policies during calls. By identifying areas where agents excel or need improvement, the service supports targeted training and development programs, enhancing overall call quality.

  • Benchmarking and basis for coaching
  • Gain insights for quality control and agent training

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