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An intelligent, reliable and cost-effective call center software solution

Achieve your sales and efficiency goals with a modern call center software solution. It is easy to set up, stationed in the cloud and gives your agents the right conditions to increase sales. We make your outbound calls go seamless and smooth.

  • Cloud-based solution
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Optimizes the number of outgoing calls
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More calls and sales

Let the agents use an automated dialing system. Make more outbound calls with our web-based dialer software and experience the difference. By reducing the time between calls, you get more effective call campaigns. Use a call mode of your choice for outgoing calls with our dialer:

  • Preview: The customer card is displayed and the agent clicks call to connect.
  • Progressive: The call connects immediately when the customer card is shown to the agent.
  • Power: Several customers are called at the same time when there are agents available.
  • Predictive: Dialing begins before an agent becomes available and is automatically adjusted according to history, average call time, and available agents.
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Communicate seamlessly and effectively with our call center software solution

Motivate and coach employees with smart recordings and better data follow-up. You get a better view of how employees perform and enable you to reach your business goals faster. Our open APIs make it easy to establish integrations with your other services and systems.

  • Reliable call center system
  • Easier follow-up of KPIs
  • Integrate with your other systems

How much can you save with the full Connectel solution?

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