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Exceed your customer service’s business goals together with us. We support some of the world’s best customer service departments and our Customer Success-team is there to help you reach the next level.

We’re here to help ensure that you make the most of your customer service solution and maximise its value. We have in depth knowledge about both industry benchmarks and KPIs as well as different ways to configure the platform, depending on your goals.

As a customer, you have regular meetings with our Customer Success Managers and together we focus on finding the best path forward for your contact center. You choose how frequently you want the meetings to occur. We’re available when you need it.


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Do you have a question about functionality or do you want to brainstorm how to maximise the system and reach your KPIs?

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We want to help you succeed. Besides your Customer Success Manager, we also provide training and technical support.


Get the help you need, instantly. We understand the power of a well-functioning customer service system, but also the pain if it’s not working as intended. Use the knowledgebase, call, chat, or register your case on our customer support platform. Our Helpdesk team is available when you need support.


Online training

Become an expert in the platform with Connectel Academy. As a customer, you get free access to our video course library, where you and your employees can learn everything from navigating the system to fine-tuning the settings according to your specific needs.


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