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Understand your customer better with a smarter survey platform

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Use our customer survey services to better understand your most important asset — your customers

Collect feedback from your customers in real time and measure NPS, CSI and CSAT. Create customer surveys and use the same tool between different platforms, visualize dashboards and reports that help your managers in decision making and communication.

  • Collect feedback from customers and follow up in real time
  • Measure based on:
    • NPS
    • CSI
    • CSAT
  • Use the same tool for different channels
  • Support function to visualize dashboard for coaching purposes
  • Smooth integration to your current CRM

Send out customer surveys on the platform you prefer

It’s hard to know what your customers are thinking unless you ask them. With our customer service tools you’re able to send out customer surveys on the platform you prefer, whether it’s SMS, e-mail or on your website. With the result you gain a clear overview and more advanced information about each answer. And of course, our tool is automatically updated so that you can follow what happens in real time.

  • Automatic follow up of the customer experience
  • Use surveys on any platform
  • Can be implemented as web widget on website or app

Build a stronger team with individual follow-up

Compare agents and teams to each other and use the data to detect areas in which you can improve. With our survey platform you also get the ability to follow-up and give feedback individually, leading to higher employee- and customer satisfaction.

  • Feedback and individual follow up of employees
  • Compare agents and teams with each other
  • Share reports based on individuals, teams or platform — or all at once

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