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Self service


Increase the level of self service with a dynamic FAQ

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Stay flexible

Our solution might look like any other FAQ to your customers. But as opposed to our competitors’ solutions our smart omnichannel solution is dynamic and easy to handle and update.

  • Dynamic FAQ to be used on website
  • Update and manage your questions continuously
  • Gain useful insights about customers
  • Smooth integration to current CRM
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Help your customers to find the answers to their questions

Many customer groups appreciate looking for and finding answers on their own. Increase the level of self service by making it easy for them to find the answers they’re looking for. By doing so you reduce the amount of incoming tickets and save time and resources in your contact center.

  • Frequently asked questions for both internal and external ticket management
  • Customize design and layout
  • Gain insights and statistics on frequently asked questions
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Easy to navigate for customers and agents alike

Set up both internal and external FAQ in a system that is both intuitive and easy to navigate. Create a knowledge base that strengthens your customer service on all levels.

  • Automatically scans for similar questions before email is routed to customer service
  • Let your customers find the answers to their questions directly
  • Always updated replies that are automatically sorted by popularity

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