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Data and analysis


Gather, understand and share data with a solution for contact center analytics

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Use data to become an even better contact center

Our data- and contact center analytics tool is an advanced and flexible tool that helps you make real use of your data. We offer a smooth way to find parts of your business you can improve and to remedy them in an easy way.

  • Visualized data
  • Measure your performance and levels of service
  • Flexible reporting interface
  • Follow your KPIs and see how they interact with each other
  • CDR (Call Detail Record) data
  • Smooth integration to your current CRM
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Make your ticket analysis easy to understand

Create your own reports and compare the KPIs / key figures you are interested in. Once the data is collected our tool makes it easy to understand by visualizing it in a way that is easy to grasp, learn from and use in future decision making.

  • Share reports with employees, your team and decision makers
  • Benchmarking and basis for coaching
  • Measure effectivity- sale and service goals
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Measure your company and teams all the way down on an individual level

To become better, follow-up is key. Our tool gives you detailed data on how your company performs all the way down to individuals. It helps you gain insights that strengthen your customer service and to share reports and to find patterns.

  • Shorter response times
  • Statistics on all platforms
  • Omnichannel reports

How much can you save with the full Connectel solution?

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