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Integration with Tietoevry Nova

Tietoevry has over the years developed a platform that helps financial institutions handle their processes for debt collection, called Tietoevry Collection Suite Nova.

Nova handles the credit management, allowing you to automate processes, create clear payment plans, create a higher level of engagement from debtors and increase resolution rates.

Together with Connectel, you are able to create efficient dialer campaigns that lets you focus on handling and solving cases instead of listening to ring tones.

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Increase agent efficiency

A common time-consuming challenge for financial institutions are the manual processes and steps that agents need to take in order to reach debtors. Both in terms of trying to reach the debtor and handling their case.

The integration between Connectel and Nova allows for more efficient use of the agent time through automation and streamlining both inbound and outbound calls. While also sharing information between systems so that you are able to work in one interface.

  • Efficient dialing mode to reach debtors
  • Retrieve accurate information about the debtor
  • Classifying and routing calls to the right agent
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Inbound & outbound call campaigns

Through outbound call campaigns and through different dialing modes. The Connectel platform makes calls and ensures that a debtor is reached before connecting to an agent. Keeping track of how many agents are available and adapting the call pace to ensure a minimum amount of dropped calls.

Inbound calls are routed through the Connectel platform, reaching the right agent and integrated with Nova so that you can manage the call while handling the case.

  • More profitable conversations
  • Reach more debtors in the same time
  • Easy-to-use integration

We support world-class customer service companies

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Carl Hedström Team Lead

With Connectel’s dialer solution, Riverty's debt collection agents have been able to save 1,5 hours per day and per agent. This allows the agents to reach more debtors in the same amount of time. “The total time spent on dialing has decreased, even though we have more agents. The amount of people we have been able to reach has been above expectation”, Carl explains.

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