Environmental Policy

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What we do

Connectel offer companies and organizations a digital cloud-based platform for customer service applications. With the help of modern and flexible software our customers can provide excellent customer service over any channel.

The environment and Connectel

At Connectel we have a history of caring for the environment and being thoughtful in the way we as an organization impact the environment.

Our commitment

We are committed to making environmentally beneficial choices when it comes to the equipment we use, the suppliers we work with, the way we travel and to always follow all legal requirements and laws.

We are also committed to:

    • Protecting the environment and preventing pollution
    • Ensuring all employees of Connectel are aware of the impact we as an organization have on the environment
    • Repairing and re-using hardware whenever possible instead of buying new
    • Whenever possible having meetings both internal and external digitally
    • As a firsthand choice travel by train, bus or other ways of collective travel when visiting customers or travelling to meetings
    • For long distance travels, train are favored when geographically possible
    • If vehicles are to be used, environmentally friendly choices should be made, such as electrical or hybrid rental vehicles


We Connectel strives to continuously lower our direct and indirect environmental impacts by spreading knowledge within our organization about our environmental impact and encouraging all employees to find innovative ways to reduce our impact on the environment.


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