A system with 99.999% availability

Always available for their customers and reducing the number of calls.

Agents: 30 agents

Products: Voice, Chat, Dashboard, Analytics

Industry: Broadband services

About: Jamii Telecommunications Limited (JTL) is a leading provider of broadband services in Kenya, catering to businesses, both local and international corporates, SMEs, government institutions, and residential customers under its ‘FAIBA’ brand. With a strong focus on innovation and continuous improvement, JTL sought to address reliability and communication challenges in its customer service operations.

Struggling with frequent downtime

JTL faced several key challenges, primarily related to the reliability of their existing communication systems which only had around 75% availability. The frequent downtime of their system impacted their ability to answer customer queries, resulting in missed opportunities and decreased customer satisfaction.

Another challenge JTL encountered was escalating issues efficiently. As a growing company, they struggled to ensure that customer queries were addressed promptly, and they required a faster response mechanism. Their inbound team faced difficulties in monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the number of calls per agent and response times, as well as generating standard reports that could be shared with the team.

A system with 99.999% availability

The main reason JTL chose Connectel was because Connectel promised 99.999% availability. Furthermore, JTL’s proactive approach to technology adoption was an important factor in their choice of contact center solution. JTL is driven by a continuous improvement mindset and Connectel’s promise to regularly deploy feature updates and help JTL understand the benefits of each new feature went hand in hand with JTL’s vision.

Hands-on guidence during implementation

During the implementation process, JTL received exceptional support from Connectel, who were physically present on several occasions, providing hands-on assistance and guidance. JTL found the ticket-raising process highly efficient, with rapid responses to their queries.

The implementation process was smooth, and JTL was trained on how to use the system effectively. They appreciated the user-friendliness of Connectel’s platform, which allowed them to add agents to queues, change agent queues, listen to recordings, and ensure quality assurance. The knowledge base provided continuous improvement opportunities.

Availability increased with 25%

One of the major results of implementing Connectel’s solution was being available to their clients consistently. Connectel has kept their promise of 99.999% uptime, ensuring that JTL’s customers can reach them when needed. JTL experienced a 25% increase in uptime, from an average of 75% to 99.999%. Features available through the Connectel platform also allows JTL to keep their clients informed during wait times, reducing the number of call volumes.

Real-time data tracking exceeded expectations

Where Connectel exceeded expectations was with the dashboard and analytics solutions. The ability to monitor real-time performance and taking corrective actions during the day to optimize performance has been a game changer for JTL. Allowing them to offer better service quality by both fixing potential issues faster, but also by training agents to improve their service offering based on performance data and statistics.

With the Analytics solutions, JTL now able to keep track of all relevant KPIs and can easily share reports with both the team as well as key stakeholders. Overall, the benefits for team leaders as well as agents and the impact on customer experience has improved significantly since implementing Connectel’s solutions.

Embracing AI for further improvement

As the world continues to embrace AI and technology, JTL sees potential for further improvement as they continue to strive for excellence in customer service. They aim to make their clients’ lives even easier by enabling them to reach out more easily during major outages or other issues. They plan to explore a voicebot solution with Connectel to handle large call volumes efficiently while maintaining service quality.

At Connectel, we appreciate the trust you have put in us and look forward to keep developing together!

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