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Agents: 200

Products: Voice, Dashboard, Analytics, Zendesk integration

About: Bauhaus stands for “all-under-one-roof” and offers a well-assorted range of products for renovation and craftsmanship. With 21 stores in Sweden and a total of 270 around the world, Bauhaus stands out as a giant in the industry. The warehouse located in Sickla, Stockholm, is also HQ for the Swedish customer service team since 2014. Today, they are about 200 customer service employees and they see the function as a great competitive advantage.

Wanted: CCaaS to gain full control of customer service

The customer service at Bauhaus has undergone a major change since its centralization in 2014. When it 2020 was decided that Connectel would be their new provider of a CCaaS system, it really took off. Mikael Seldée, Customer Service Manager at Bauhaus, Sweden was involved in the choice of Connectel as a new supplier. According to Mikael, the purpose was to gain full control over the customer service function and increase the level of availability via a new CCaaS supplier with a more reliable solution.

Volume variety of incoming calls

Bauhaus’ customer service is facing its high season with an increased amount of incoming cases during early spring until summer – with renovation and garden projects increasing significantly in the Nordics. During this period, Connectel’s solution has become noticeable. Mikael explains, “If we look back and compare previous high seasons to now with our new solution, there is a huge improvement, not least of the number of answered calls.”

Exceeds the benchmark of answered calls

Since 2019, the customer service department has strived for the benchmark to answer 85% of all incoming calls. Bauhaus can now state that they respond to more than 86% of the calls, and continue to move in a positive direction. Compared to the 81% achieved with their previous contact center solution. As the volume of incoming calls has increased, the company’s customer service has also improved its FCR (first contact resolution) significantly. In particular, there are two factors that contribute to these improvements:

  1. Smart IVR function – notifying callers about how long the queue time is estimated too. The waiting time is calculated based on Bauhaus call queues and history.
  2. Callback function – offers customers to be called back when it is their turn in the queue. Instead of waiting until an agent becomes available.

Service KPIs that matters

Bauhaus keeps track of efficiency with their new powerful data and follow-up tool Dashboard. The Dashboard is flexible and allows team leaders to easily adjust or highlight any of their most prioritized KPIs. By monitoring how service levels improve, employees remain motivated by their visible performances on the screen. The Dashboard is also providing a threshold function to indicate if their queue times are holding up to their benchmarks, in real-time. By making real-time data visible, team leaders can act quickly when staffing of agents needs to be adjusted in the contact center.

Fast track to new customer insights

Through a Zendesk integration, customer service employees can easily get the customer information they need to create seamless support for their customers. This allows agents to keep up efficiency and avoid distractions. Mikael Hellström, trend analyst at Bauhaus continues. “With our new customer service platform, we have a flexible solution that meets our and the customers’ needs. It is a scalable solution that enables us to offer better and more efficient CX. With access to excellent data and analysis tools, we can discover areas for improvement and find better ways of operating by the day.” At Connectel, we appreciate the great cooperation and look forward to exceeding more of Bauhaus benchmarks together.

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