Milvik bima insurance with a new call center solution

Success with new call center for Milvik Bima

Discover how Milvik Bima reached new levels of call center efficiency.

Agents: 2000+

Products: Voice, Dialer, Dashboard

About: One of our larger customers is Milvik Bima. Which is owned by one of Sweden’s larger investment companies, Kinnevik. Milvik Bima is a leading provider of mobile-delivered insurances and health services in emerging markets.

A new challenge for us

For us, this project has been one of the more interesting ones because of how different the challenges have been. We are used to our customers having a pre-existing infrastructure. But in this case, the infrastructure has been flawed or nonexistent. That has forced us to think about the bigger picture in every country we have helped Milvik Bima set up their call center. Meaning no matter what the environment or circumstances look like, we still need the right skills to make sure we are delivering our software and services according to our customer’s expectations. And of course, if possible, exceed those expectations.

Developing our consultants’ skills

The third country we helped Milvik Bima set up their call center lacked a lot of basic infrastructures. Because of that, most of the installation had to be done locally. Something we are happy to do, because having projects like this helps us develop our skills and our consultants appreciate visiting these new environments and challenges.

Large customer value

Obviously, we appreciate how satisfied Milvik Bima has shown to be in their feedback. The new features, like  automated callback and our business intelligence module Analytics, have shown to be exactly what they needed. Contributing to a large success for all their call centers.

New call center possibilities

We are proud of being allowed to act and support markets with our knowledge and experience. It gives us the opportunity to help our customers develop forward and reach new business goals. When we stepped into our third African market, Ghana, we also started to compete with the country’s leading phone operator, Tigo. We were the second company that installed a SIP trunk for telecommunication. Together with Tigo, we deliver the most modern call center solution in Ghana.

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