Zmarta groups got a better callcenter

Connectel creates unexpected value for Zmarta

Discover how Zmarta Group got a new call center solution with perfect timing.

Agents: 150+

Products: Voice, Chat, Email, Survey, Dashboard, Analytics

About: With over 20 years of experience and 1.2 million customers in Sweden, Norway and Finland, Zmarta offers their consumers online financial services such as loans, insurance and electricity. Zmarta Group includes several brands such as Elskling and Insplanet.

What Zmarta needed for their Call Center agents

Back in 2019, Zmarta had multiple telephony suppliers for its more than 150 agents, spanning several brands and countries. Zmarta needed to simultaneously consolidate and modernize for improved operational efficiency. They demanded a full-featured, web-based Contact Center solution that could be tightly integrated into their existing business systems, supporting agent efficiency and enriching call data for improved management and coaching.

Effect on every department

Zmarta started their journey with the Connectel platform in late 2019 and the whole organization was very pleased with the implementation and functions of the system. Zmarta’s programmers were immediately impressed by the integration possibilities. The system admins marveled at the powerful tools and simplicity of administering a large organization. The agents liked the modern GUI and were glad to ditch their desktop IP phones. Sales managers were impressed by the ability to visualize and share metrics in real-time. And analytics were thrilled with the well-structured statistical database that made sourcing Contact Center data for Power BI easier than ever.

“It contains everything we need in our daily processes and everything we require can be made. Building IVR’s impressed me when I understood the power of the system and how user-friendly it was.”

– System Admin at Zmarta

Importance of modernizing the Call Center

Fast-forward to March 2020. Governments and businesses were scrambling to decide how to react to the Covid-19 threat. Zmarta made an early decision to send their workforce home until further notice, and within two days of that decision, their offices were empty.

The (unexpected) result

After a few days of adjusting to the “new normal” of working from home, Zmarta discovered they were able to maintain levels of sales and service productivity that were previously achieved in an office setting. This nearly seamless transition would have been out of reach with their previous solution.

After achieving their initial objectives of modernization, integration, and improved coaching, Zmarta was impressed by the operational flexibility Connectel provided in response to the Covid-19 challenge. Through its cooperation with Connectel, Zmarta looks forward to new opportunities to improve its operational efficiency.

Zmarta Group using Connectels call center
Adam Woodworth Product owner

“When we decided to search for a new Contact Center software supplier, we looked for an agile and technically skilled partner that could meet the demands of the various stakeholders at Zmarta. Connectel has surpassed our expectations in nearly every capacity, providing high quality and delivering exceptional value. Connectel really stands apart with a flexible and continuously improving solution supported by a talented and customer-focused organization. We are in good hands with our partners at Connectel!“

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