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Get to know us better and meet the team behind Connectel. Today we are a close team divided into 4 different areas. This applies to Customer Success, Product Development, Marketing and Sales. Together, we help create better customer communication for our customers in our mission to provide the best technical solution on the market.

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Meet our founders

Connectel was born in 2008, founded by Jens and Robin Leijon, two brothers from Uppsala in Sweden.
It might sound like a cliche, but the journey actually did start in a garage — with the vision of lifting the entire customer service profession to new heights by providing solutions that meet all needs. A customer service platform that benefits both the customer and the company.

Meet some of our employees

Sebastian Tedenryd

Customer Success Representative

At helpdesk I plunge down in customer processes and customize our solution based on their needs, making sure our products are taken full advantage of.

Tony Andersson

Customer Success Manager

My job is to support the customer on their journey to reach a specific goal. At Customer Success everything is about choosing the path where the customer reaches their desired results.

Victor Olaisen

Digital Marketing Manager

At the marketing department part of my responsibilities lies with our webinars, guides and over all communication. My position also includes a fun and close collaboration with the other departments.

Andreas Johansson

Senior Sales Executive

With a passion for technology I help companies and organizations on their journey towards a great customer service experience, I strive towards better communication between agents and their customers.

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