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3 reasons for your Contact Center to use an Omnichannel

…and how you get the most out of an omnichannel at your Contact Center.

As long as your customers can contact you and you can contact them, there shouldn’t be any issues with either communication or contacts for your business. But contact points have shifted over the past decade. Both customers and businesses now explore new channels to communicate with each other. Even though the classic over-the-phone voice channel still is the most commonly used, customers now demand multiple contact points for increased accessibility at companies and providers of all kinds. An omnichannel solution would help you get there and keep your customer experience on top.

1. Leave no channel behind and increase your Contact Center success

Many businesses have started their journey to become more flexible based on these new demands. And usually – the more channels, the greater the expense. Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, E-mail, Phone, the list is growing and in the end, your Contact Center benefits from an omnichannel to stay organized and improve efficiency. By reducing the consumption of resources, the omnichannel solution monitors all incoming cases and flawlessly creates a single queue for all agents to work on.

The difference between using a multichannel plan and an omnichannel strategy is narrow minor. However, it makes a difference to your average customer experience. The omnichannel manages all your incoming cases equally and makes it almost impossible for your agents to ignore or miss out on a client who needs support.

2. The omnichannel solution fits multi-skilled agents

Repetitive tasks are difficult to avoid at Contact Centers. Although when agents are able to manage multiple channels. This turns into a valuable asset for the company and also provides a more diversified workday for the agents.

The omnichannel is in particular useful for your multi-skilled agents when switching between platforms while supporting your customers. Instead of assigning agents to different platforms that never really reach full occupancy, it would make your Contact Center operate more effectively and save resources. By training agents to use multiple channels and with more variety. Which often also increases employee retention at the Contact Center.

3. The best way to track your KPIs is with an omnichannel solution

With a cloud-based omnichannel your agents can always support your customers. Regardless if they work at the office or from home. With an intelligent measurement tool (Dashboard and Analytics) every KPI is available in the cloud solution. This means that you as a team leader can follow real-time performance as well as historical, both at team-level and down to individual coaching. The performance reports could of course also be shared directly with agents for own performance improvement actions.

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