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Become a better communicator in customer service

Why am I not getting through with my message? Have you experienced situations where the person you’re talking to seems to zone out and think about something else? Have you experienced your message getting lost in a sort of noise that prevents the other person from being convinced of what you stand for?

Have you ever experienced the opposite, where the person you’re talking to appears 100% engaged in everything you say, your message gets through, and your words have a positive impact on them?

Imagine becoming a pro at speaking, someone who always gets their message across and has a positive influence on others. What would it mean for you?

Listen here (Swedish):

This is the first part of a four-part series released by Joakim and Emilie in collaboration with Yoria Reyes, an NLP Master Coach. The theme is communication tools to help you speak like a pro. The episodes are approximately 15 minutes long and target those working in customer service, leadership, and sales. For those who want to have a greater influence on others, reach more people, and have more satisfied customers. You will receive practical tools on how to effectively communicate using keywords and body language.

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