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Create world-class customer service with Wowpodden

Listen to the latest episode of Wowpodden with the service expert duo Lilo, consisting of Joakim Lindström and Emilie Loman, along with leadership consultant Susanne De Boer from Resultatbolaget. This podcast will provide you with inspiration, tips, and concrete tools on how to create world-class customer service.

Listen here (Swedish):

Long queues, repeat customers calling about the same issue, a growing backlog, dropped calls, angry customers on social media, and unmotivated employees. Do you recognize these challenges? What could be the reasons behind them? Could it be related to the metrics you measure?

Measuring various aspects of customer service is beneficial, but as a manager, what should be your focus to create world-class customer service? What goals lead to better service for customers and increased employee engagement? What do the executive team and other stakeholders in the company actually want to see? What results do you want to achieve?


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