Webinar with Helen Rigamonti

Improve the customer experience to maximise your competitiveness

In this webinar Helen Rigamonti, CX specialist and Interim Manager and shares what CX is, the process of identifying and designing the customer journey and how to enhance the customer experience.

Helen shares valuable insights into how you can improve the customer experience and get both management as well as employees on board when working with CX. In addition, Helen talks about how increased customer satisfaction and reduced staff turnover are connected to working with CX.

Watch the full recorded webinar (in Swedish) with Helen Rigamonti!

Helen shares:

  • What are critical moments in the customer journey
  • What are our most important promises to our customers & when is it most important to live up to them?
  • What does customer insight & customer journey mapping mean?
  • How do we involve both management and staff in CX?
  • What does it mean to design the customer experience & how do we succeed in this?

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