AI with Amer Mohammed

Using AI as a fortune teller

What is artificial intelligence (AI) and how will using AI change behavior patterns in the coming years?

Amer Mohammed, entrepreneur and futurist, predicts how AI will develop over the next four years and asserts that AI will become as integral as electricity is today.

When implementing AI in an organization, it is important to remember that AI does not magically solve all problems. Instead, AI should be used to address specific challenges and trained with relevant data. By setting clear boundaries, regularly following up, and continuously optimizing, processes and customer experiences can be improved.

It is also crucial to identify where customer experience frustrations arise and where actual value can be offered, rather than focusing solely on which tool is used. Therefore, it is important to stay updated on new technology and continuously ask yourself, “Can this be used to solve problems or reduce customer frustration?”

In this episode, Amer shares how AI will develop and how companies should prepare to keep up with this evolution. He discusses, among other things:

  • How AI can be used to predict the future.
  • What the next big breakthrough and radical change with AI will be.
  • And how companies must prepare for this change.
  • The importance of being channel-independent and how AI fits into an omnichannel strategy.
  • How new technology can be integrated into the customer value chain and customer experience.
  • How branding will look in the future.

Today, it’s not just about what companies sell – it’s about using AI and new technology to tackle challenges, streamline workflows, and above all, improve the customer experience.

Listen to the episode for a glimpse into the future with AI and see what the crystal ball reveals (in swedish).
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Watch the episode on YouTube here.

Part one:

In part two of Wowpodden with Amer Mohammed, we dive deep into when and how companies should implement artificial intelligence, the responsibilities and authority employees should have, and how the concept of innovation will evolve.

Something that is already true today and will become even more crucial is having a clear guiding star in the organization. With a clear and concise vision, you can always return to the core and purpose of every task performed. Amer believes that the lack of this purpose, a clear guiding star, can have significant consequences for an organization.

Amer also discusses the customer value chain, emphasizing the simple truth that regardless of the technological conditions, the customer value chain is always about creating a simple and smooth experience for the customer.

Thus, technological development should not be implemented for its own sake. Instead, consider what you can adopt and how it can improve your internal processes or address your customers’ problems. Take inspiration from other companies and, above all, if you give responsibility, you also need to grant authority.

Listen to the episode for a glimpse into the future with AI and see what the crystal ball reveals!

Watch the episode on YouTube here.

Listen to part 2 here (in swedish):

Part two:

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