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What defines “wowservice” with Amanda Persson

Listen to Amanda Persson, a service professional and winner of the Best Customer Service Representative in the Brilliant Futures survey, as she shares her learnings, insights, and concrete tips for those working in customer service who want to become the best!

Listen here (Swedish):

Wowpodden had the opportunity to have a conversation with Sweden’s currently most engaged customer service representative, Amanda Persson, at Clas Ohlsson!

A few things that we wanted to find out was:

  • What constitutes “wow service” for her.
  • What mindset and attitude she adopts.
  • How she manages to satisfy customers and her best tips and tricks for providing wow service to everyone.

Actually, not customers, but people. Amanda actually doesn’t view her profession as talking to customers but rather as conversing with people she knows.


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