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Wowpodden talks about creating a healthy company culture

Listen to the final episode of the leadership series with the service expert duo Lilo, consisting of Joakim Lindström and Emilie Loman, and leadership consultant Susanne De Boer from Resultatbolaget, to get tips and concrete tools on how to avoid or eliminate an “us vs. them” culture and create a healthy company culture.

Listen here (Swedish):

The “us vs. them” culture is more common than one might think and can manifest in various forms, both internally within the customer service organization or between departments in a company. Sometimes, it can even extend to interactions with customers. The “us vs. them” culture risks reducing accountability among employees, creating stress while lowering motivation and engagement levels, which ultimately leads to dissatisfaction among both employees and customers, resulting in poorer outcomes for everyone involved.

A company culture with a shared customer focus and collaboration, where employees feel seen, appreciated, and understand their contributions, is a healthy corporate culture that eliminates the “us vs. them” mentality. But how do you create such a corporate culture?

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