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Streamline refund process for airlines

One of the main challenges that airlines face is handling refund requests through the phone channel. This can result in a high volume of calls to your call center, causing significant strain on your resources. Our system can automate the process of requesting a refund through the phone channel, reducing the number of calls your call center receives. Our solution validates customer information and retrieves refund details through a fake airline API, providing customers with a confirmation message and reference number for their refund request.

  • Reduces the number of calls to your call center
  • Provides customers with quick and efficient service
  • Streamlines the refund process, reducing workload on your team
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Disruption management

Flight disruptions can be a significant challenge for airlines, often resulting in a high volume of calls to your call center. Our disruption process use case provides a seamless self-managing booking system for customers, allowing them to easily request a refund or modify their flight without any additional cost. Our system verifies customer information and calls a fake airline API to provide the necessary information, offering customers a confirmation message with updated flight information.

  • Provides a seamless and efficient process for customers
  • Reduces workload on your call center
  • Improves customer satisfaction during disruptions
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PNR validation

Verifying customer PNR numbers can be time-consuming and lead to a high volume of calls to your call center. Our PNR validation process validates customer PNR numbers to provide a smooth user experience and a high success rate in obtaining required information. Our system communicates with a fake airline API to verify PNR numbers, reducing the number of calls transferred to the call center, and improving customer satisfaction.

  • Provides a smoother user experience
  • High completion rate
  • Improves customer satisfaction by providing quick and efficient service

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Per Brantgärde Acting Manager, Order Center

“It was important to us that Connectel understood our business, our customers’ needs and our challenges. We were quickly able to start implementation and exchanged experiences around our switchboard throughout the project. This provided valuable insights that Connectel used to adjust the settings in the product.”

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