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A voicebot that solves 50% of bookings

Increased availability and happier customers.

Agents: ca 30 agents

Products: Voicebot, Voice, E-mail, Chat, Survey, Dashboard, Insights, SMS

Industry: Taxi & transportation

About: The largest and oldest taxi company in West Sweden, offering safe and secure transport in Gothenburg since 1922. With dedication towards accessibility and service, Taxi Göteborg delivers a smooth and safe journey, from start to finish.  

Long waiting times and

manual handling of bookings

Taxi Göteborgs challenge was to avoid customers suffering long waiting times when booking a trip. A large number of bookings had to be handled manually by switchboard operators. During rush hour traffic and other periods of high volumes, this led to long waiting times and a high risk of dropped calls, which, in addition to a poorer customer experience, led to a loss of potential bookings.

After the pandemic, the demand for taxi journeys increased again and Taxi Göteborg needed to quickly scale up its operations to handle more bookings. The choice fell on implementing a voicebot from Connectel that could handle unpredictable volumes and was available 24/7, regardless of volumes.

A voicebot optimized for the taxi and transportation industry

Connectel has knowledge of which flows are needed for a voicebot to perform optimally and solve as many cases as possible. Bo Edsberger, CEO of Taxi Göteborg, also thought that Connectel’s voicebot offered the perfect solution. “Connectel proved to have experience from similar solutions in the transport industry, which felt safe and secure for our customers and our staff.”

Implemented within 30 days

The implementation of the voicebot went very smoothly and within 30 days of the start of the project, the voicebot had handled the first bookings.

“It was important to us that Connectel understood our business, our customers’ needs and our challenges. We were able to quickly start the project together and exchange experiences around our switch function, which provided valuable insights that Connectel used to adjust the settings in the product.” says Per Brantgärde, acting manager of the order center at Taxi Göteborg.

Customers calling in to book a taxi may sometimes speak quickly and might not articulate. A challenge can also be that there is noise in the background both with the customer and at the booking center where many agents are sitting in close proximity. During many calls, both customer and agent had to repeat information before the booking could be confirmed.

Connectel’s voicebot perceives different voices very well and can filter out background noise. With better accessibility and a reduced number of repetitions, Taxi Göteborg hopes to create a better customer experience.

A voicebot that solves 50% of bookings

The voicebot very soon worked better than expected and handled 50% of the bookings that came in. In addition to an improved customer experience, Taxi Göteborg expects to save approximately SEK 3 million annually.

Increased availability and happier customers

As a voicebot is always available, the customer immediately reaches the bot to handle the booking. Shorter waiting times also led to fewer dropped calls. In cases where the voicebot failed to complete the booking, or if the customers themselves chose to book via an agent, the customer was connected to an agent who could help the customer.

Future plans

Initially, the voicebot mainly handled private bookings. Taxi Göteborg also plans to integrate the option for companies to book via the voicebot. Future plans also include reviewing additional functionality, e.g. to be able to book with custom requests such as dog, car seat and other extra services.

Taxi Göteborg is very satisfied with Connectel’s voicebot as part of the work to improve the customer experience and streamline the booking flow. With the Connectel solution, Taxi Göteborg is secure in being able to quickly grow and adjust to be able to handle future volumes of bookings.

At Connectel, we appreciate the collaboration and look forward to continuing to grow and develop future projects!

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