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Reduce and streamline your operations

One of the biggest challenges for the taxi industry is providing excellent customer service and utilizing the latest contact center technology to keep up with changing customer expectations. In today’s world, customers demand speed, convenience, and personalized experiences. This means that taxi companies must have contact center technology that allows them to meet these expectations and provide excellent service.

  • Advanced routing
  • Queue callback functionality
  • Phone connection between driver and customer
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Managing overbooking and missed calls

Another challenge that taxi companies face is managing peak hours when demand is high. To handle fluctuating volumes, taxi companies can utilize technology such as voicebots, chatbots, missed call text message notifications and overbooking protection technology. Reporting and analytics is also crucial, as it provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Interpreting customer data in meaningful waysThis data can be used to improve customer service and make better business decisions.

  • Overbooking protection
  • Reporting & analytics tools
  • Confirmation & follow-up with customer via SMS
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A voicebot that can solve up to 80% of errands

Voicebot and chatbot technology is another innovation that taxi companies can use to improve customer service. Customers can use a voicebot or chatbot to book a ride and receive a confirmation, instead of having to wait for a customer service agent to become available. Additionally, bots can operate 24/7, providing service to customers even when the customer service team is not available. This can help to reduce customer wait times and improve overall customer satisfaction.

  • Voicebots that help during peak hours
  • Easy to use
  • Streamline your workflows

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