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Be there, because you care. Every customer is unique, and has their own needs and preferences when it comes to communication. A quick chat can answer a quick question and a phone call with a human being is just the right solution when there’s a more complex problem at hand.

Meet your customers wherever they are with an omnichannel solution from Connectel. Connect, whenever, however and let your agents communicate with your customers in a way that heightens the service experience.

Gather any and all channels, without complicating it for you – one platform for all customer conversations.

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Increase customer satisfaction with an omnichannel solution

When you get started with the trial version of Connectel, you also get access to simple onboarding. Learn how to navigate the platform through our online video courses as well as how to adapt the platform to your needs.

Dashboard and Analytics

Follow your performance with a dashboard template for contact centers that visualizes data in real time. Use the data you collect as a reliable basis for future decision making. Our contact center analytics tool is an advanced and flexible tool that helps you make real use of your historical data.

All channels included

We believe that a part of customer satisfaction is being available when and where your customers want to connect. With our entry version you get access to all inbound channels, such as voice, e-mail and chat. Set up queues and make sure your customers reach the right person, right away.

A cloud based CCaaS platform

To deliver world class customer service, Connectel offers a robust platform in the cloud. With focus on security and performance. Free of charge. Integrate your other systems through APIs, and scale with the platform as needed.


Frequently asked questions

Connectel develops a software platform for customer service. The platform can collect all customer communications in one place and makes it easy to offer the service customers expect from your company. We simplify everyday life for the customer service department, regardless of the channel and wherever you or your customers are. Read more about why we do what we do here.

We offer a free version of our platform. This allows you to easily get started with your telephony and chat channel, completely free of charge. Give your customers the service they deserve. The platform can be scaled up with more functions, users and channels according to your needs, when you are ready.

We are proud of our powerful CCaaS platform and want to let more companies experience the simplicity of offering world-class customer service. With the possibility of using the Connectel entry version, you get the chance to test whether Connectel is the best solution for your business.

If you want to add more agents, functions and volumes, simply contact us here, and we will find a suitable solution or call us +46 (0) 101 800 000.

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Our commitment is to boost satisfaction, nurture loyalty, and propel growth by providing you with the tools necessary to provide better service. Ultimately leading to both happier customers and employees. Because happy employees provide better service and satisfied customers drive growth.

Deliver great service, delight your customers, and drive success with Connectel.

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Zmarta Group using Connectels call center
Adam Woodworth Product Owner

“When we decided to search for a new Contact Center software supplier, we looked for an agile and technically skilled partner that could meet the demands of the various stakeholders at Zmarta. Connectel has surpassed our expectations in nearly every capacity, providing high quality and delivering exceptional value.”

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