Lisa Hasselgren

Säkra Samtal and how it protects from telephone fraud

Listen as Lisa, the founder of Säkra Samtal, shares her story and how Säkra Samtal helps to create an even safer service and society for customers and citizens.

Listen here (Swedish):

Telephone fraud and scam calls are a growing problem in society, causing insecurity and issues for both individuals and businesses.

In this episode, Lisa Hasselgren, the founder of Säkra Samtal, and I discuss how their service combats telephone fraud and increases consumer security in society.

We cover the following topics:

  • What Säkra Samtal is all about.
  • The benefits and advantages that businesses can gain by utilizing their service, including what they can avoid.
  • The event that occurred in May 2019, which inspired Lisa to start Säkra Samtal and develop her idea.

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