Wowpodden just service with Emilie Loman - Service star

Wowpodden gives advice to customer service managers

In this episode, Joakim, Emilie, and Susanne discuss specific activities that you, as a customer service manager, can implement to engage the executive team, achieve your desired outcomes, and create awareness that customer service is the company’s goldmine and loyalty engine!

Listen here (Swedish):

Are some customers dissatisfied? Well, “you in Customer Service should solve it! – How hard can it be?”

Does it feel like the blame is often placed on customer service when customers are dissatisfied. And your organization is left to clean up and solve issues that aren’t functioning properly?

It can be lonely to be a customer service manager. Especially when the company’s leadership views customer service as a necessary evil, a cost center that is expected to reactively solve all problems. Perhaps customer service isn’t even represented in the executive team. While simultaneously your organization is expected to magically eliminate all customer dissatisfaction and address all of the company’s process flaws.

So, how do you get onto the executive team’s agenda and obtain what you need in order to collectively improve customer satisfaction and invest more in customer service?

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