Wowpodden just service with Emilie Loman - Service star

Wowpodden – Talking streamlining customer service

These three special episodes of Wowpodden are done together with Anna and Anna from the company ImBox.

We talk about how to create competitive customer relationships and world-class wow service!

Listen here (Swedish):

In this part, we discuss:

• The increasing digitalization of customer service organizations using AI, chatbots, and FAQs. But what do these terms actually mean, and how do these different tools work? We clarify these concepts in this episode.

• Our perspective on the concern that the human element is disappearing and that automation, AI, and bots are trying to replace customer service representatives.

• How to approach streamlining customer service if you want to make it more efficient. Which channels should you choose, and what other factors should be considered?

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