Riverty customer service office

A dialer that saves Riverty 1,5 hours per agent, per day

Allowing for a more efficient debt collection team and more satisfied employees.

Agents: 150 agents

Products: Dialer, Tieto Nova integration

Industry: Debt collection

About: Riverty offers financial solutions ranging from flexible payments to smarter accounting and consumer-friendly debt collection. With over 25 million consumers and over 1 billion in transactions, Riverty’s solutions help create easier ways for consumers to pay and for businesses to monitor their financial flows.

Riverty’s challenge – reaching debtors

In 2018, Riverty’s debt collection department, Gothia Inkasso, faced the challenge of spending hours trying to get in touch with their debtors, without reaching them. On average, each agent spent around 2,5 hours per day on dialing efforts. During which, the agents spent this time listening to ringtones, to see if the debtor picked up the phone or not, before moving on and dialing the next number.

Realizing that the agents time could be better utilized through a system with an efficient dialing mode, Riverty chose to search for a new dialer solution. After comparing a few different solutions, Riverty chose Connectel as their new supplier.

Efficient and easy-to-use dialer

According to Carl Hedström, Team Lead at Riverty Debt Collection, the Connectel dialer solution was chosen because of the functions available and how user-friendly the platform was. Riverty’s primary need was an efficient dialer to optimize the agents phone time but also wanted a system that would be easy to use.

Anders Larsson, Team Lead at Riverty Debt Collection Sweden added that Connectel was also chosen because of the people and support available. “We made a few adjustments and then we were up and running. Implementation was quick, smooth and easy. It was very valuable to have the opportunity of having someone from Connectel help during implementation. That was the key to success.”

Implementation of the system included configuration of the platform as well as adjusting the settings to make as many calls as possible while decreasing the abandonment rate.

Saved 1,5 hours per day and per agent

With Connectel’s dialer solution, the debt collection agents now spend one hour on dialing, meaning that Riverty has been able to save 1,5 hours per day and per agent. This allows the agents to reach more debtors in the same amount of time. “The total time spent on dialing has decreased, even though we have more agents. The amount of people we have been able to reach has been above expectation”, Carl explains.

Increased employee satisfaction

Apart from an improvement in agent efficiency, Riverty has also experienced an increase in employee satisfaction. Carl adds, “by adjusting the speed, we were able to find the balance between making as many calls as possible and not losing to many calls. This has been better for the agents, and we’ve seen that they are more satisfied at work”.

Integration with Tietoevry Collection Suite Nova

Through an integration with Tietoevry Collection Suite Nova, agents at Riverty are able to easily get customer information, allowing them to work efficiently while using two systems. Nova is an open framework for automated debt collection, and together with the Connectel Dialer, Riverty not only reaches more debtors but also has the technical conditions to offer excellent customer care.

At Connectel, we appreciate having been able to work together these past years and look forward growing together and developing future projects!

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